30 Elegant Finger Tattoos for Women

Give. Me. One. Of. These.

This adorable owl.


Animal finger tattoos have seen a surge in popularity thanks to English fashion model Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoo she got a few years back on her index finger. (Photo: Svetko)

This cute seahorse.

Seahorse Finger Tattoo

If you’ve never seen a video of a seahorse giving birth, it’s definitely something you’ll wanna see before you die. (Photo: Stavros)

Infinity finger tattoo.

Infinity finger tattoo

Another uber popular choice in the land of finger tattoos, the infinity symbol was introduced to the world in 1655 by English mathematician John Wallis(Photo: megacombo)

This lone wolf.

Wolf Tattoo on finger

I wonder if she “Tends to think of herself as a one-woman wolf pack?”(Photo: Elizabeth Markov)

This Indian feather.


The level of detail on this itty bitty feather is phenomenal. If I was to get a feather tattoo on my finger, this is what I would get. #pureawesome.  (Photo: unknown)

This small palm.


Everything about this photo just screams fun in the sun. (Photo: Twitter)

This delightful giraffe.


The execution of this little giraffe is spot on. The level of symmetry achieved here makes you wanna question this tattoo’s authenticity. I think it’s real? (Photo: unknown)

Wild and free.


Just how I wanna be. (Photo: weheartit)

This pink rose.

Rose tattoo on finger

This looks pretty fresh. One of the most realistic rose tattoos you’ll see on a finger. (Photo: Makandaxu)

This white-cheeked fox.


Elizabeth is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Her work always manages to take my breath away.  (Photo: Elizabeth Markov)