30 Crazy-Good Tattoos for Women

Welcome to a world of beauty.

These leaves.

by Zee

(Photo: Zee)

Paradise cove.

by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)


by Reka Bittencourt

(Photo: Reka Bittencourt)

These three fish.

by Manda

(Photo: Manda)

This cup.

by Kerste

(Photo: Kerste)

This brushstroke.

by Tattoo a Piece

(Photo: Tattoo a Piece)

These palms.

by Konstantin

(Photo: Konstantin)

These two.

via Sol Studio

(Photo: Sol)

These pink peonies.

by Nora

(Photo: Nora)

This small bouquet.

by Guseul

(Photo: Guseul)