28 Beautiful Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoos


This tiny shoulder piece.

Small Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This ribcage work.

Butterfly Tattoo on Ribcage by Dioney Martins

(Photo: Dioney Martins)

This forehead tat.

Forehead Butterfly Tattoo by Miss Ink

(Photo: Miss Ink)

This serene example of shading.

Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm by seandrumm

(Photo: Seandrumm)

This stylish back shoulder piece.

Creative Butterfly Tattoo by Luca Testadiferro

(Photo: Luca Testadiferro)

This intricate butterfly tattoo.

Intricate Butterfly Tattoo Design by Zeroo

(Photo: Zeroo)

This wicked forearm work.

Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm by Maria

(Photo: Maria)



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