28 Beautiful Black and Grey Butterfly Tattoos


This tiny back piece.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo on Back by Nathan Agulto

(Photo: Nathan Agulto)

This infused butterfly.

Butterfly Tattoo Design by Cally-Jo

(Photo: Cally-Jo)

This butterfly-fitted basket.

Creative Butterfly Tattoo Design by Aske

(Photo: Alexandre)

This small sternum tat.

Butterfly Sternum Tattoo by Caps n Skulls

(Photo: Caps N Skulls)

This gorgeous butterfly on elbow.

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo by Miss Voodoo

(Photo: Miss Voodoo)

This black and grey ink butterfly tattoo on forearm.

Blackwork Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm by Overdrive Skin Art

(Photo: Overdrive Skin Art)

This delicate dotwork design.

Dotwork Butterfly Tattoo by Diogo Rocha

(Photo: Diogo Rocha)

This dangling design.

Butterfly Tattoo by Bart

(Photo: Bart)

This delicate design.

Delicate Butterfly Tattoo Design by Killer Queen Tattoo

(Photo: Killer Queen Tattoo)