21 Beautiful Sewing And Knitting Tattoo Designs

I've never sewn a day in my life, but these designs rock.

These adorable scissors

Tattoo of Sewing Scissors

Is there a name for these or do people just call them little scissors? Also these appear to be in the shape of a crane or other small animal. (Photo: thestitchingkitten)

This spool of thread

Needle and Thread Tattoo

Sometimes simpler is better. (Photo: Myra Oh)

A little humor

Funny Knitting Tattoos

“Knit fast, die warm”. I prefer “Knit fast so you DON’T die”. (Photo: James Clements)

Scissors, yarn, tape

Sewing Tattoo

But not in that order. (Photo: Jenna Kerr)

This single needle

Sewing Needle Tattoo

Ouch. (Photo: Angela)

This blue ball of yarn

Ball of Yarn Knitting Tattoo

Do you even crochet bro?

These fancy handle scissors

Sewing Scissors Tattoo

I always wanted a pair of scissors like these. (Photo: Riki-Kay)

This neo traditional tat

Neo Traditional Sewing Tattoo

(Photo: Dave Halsey)

This sewing pattern

Sewing Pattern Tattoo

Would love to get a look at the finished work. Anyone? (Photo: Karissa)

This perfect forearm piece

Sewing Needle Tattoo

Words can’t describe how perfect/beautiful this piece is. (Photo: heathersgreenhomegoods)



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