20 Minimalistic Flower Tattoos for Women

Simplicity is beauty.

This delightful dandelion.

Dandelion Tattoo by Anna Bravo

And a hundred years later, not a single negative thing was ever said about this tattoo. Anna, your last name suits you.  (Photo: Anna Bravo)

This shoulder piece.

Minimal Flower Tattoo by Mini

How much do you wanna bet this woman owns more off-the-shoulder tops than you? (Photo: Mini)

This lovely lavender flower.

Lavender Flower Tattoo by Doy

Last week I tried lavender tea for the first time. I felt as if I was drinking perfume. (Photo: Doy)


Baby's-Breath Tattoo by Nando

These flowers get their name for their light colors, not because they smell like a baby’s breath. (Photo: Nando)

These blackwork daisies.

Blackwork Daisy Tattoo by Ella Bell

Open and shut.  (Photo: Ella Bell)

This hand-poked piece.

Minimalistic Flower Tattoo by Lara

(Photo: Lara)

This tantalizing tulip.

Tulip Tattoo by Anna Bravo

Another gorgeous piece by the fabulous Anna Bravo. Are those letters worked into the stem? If so that’s a great concept.

These magnificent miniatures.

Tiny Flower Tattoos

This almost looks like a mini constellation of flowers. Wonderful work. (Photo: Jay Shin)

This continuous-line rose tattoo.

One Line Rose Tattoo by Mo Ganji

Mo kills it yet again. (Photo: Mo Ganji)

Lily of the Valley.

Lily Valley Tattoo by Doy

Achilles tat for the win. Thanks for stopping by! (Photo: Doy)


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