100+ Gorgeous Tattoos You Can’t Live Without This Summer

The perfect tattoos for the hottest season.

This brush stroke.

Black ink brush stroke by Lee Stewart

(Photo: Lee Stewart)

These pink blossoms.

Pink blossoms by Joice Wang

(Photo: Joice Wang)

This behind-the-ear floral design.

Behind-the-ear floral design by Tattoo With Me

(Photo: Tattoo With Me)

This bird on a line.

Bird on a line by Marabou

(Photo: Marabou)

This adorable floral heart.

Adorable heart tattoo by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This beautiful pansy.

Pansy by Pis Saro

(Photo: Pis Saro)

These whales.

Whales by Chae Hwa

(Photo: Chae Hwa)

This colorful constellation.

Colorful constellation tattoo by NumaAn

(Photo: NumaAn)

This watercolor lotus flower.

Watercolor lotus flower tattoo by April Ramirez

(Photo: April Ramirez)

This floral piece on leg.

Floral piece on leg by Lena Fedchenko

(Photo: Lena Fedchenko)


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