This Year’s 60 Most Amazing Tattoo Designs for Men


This negative space astronaut.

Negative space astronaut tattoo by Karl Marks

(Photo: Karl Marks)

This watercolor spark plug.

Watercolor spark plug tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan

(Photo: Yeliz Ozcan)

This freehand sparrow.

Freehand sparrow tattoo by Anastasia Slutskaya

(Photo: Anastasia Slutskaya)

This solar system.

Solar system tattoo by Daniel Winter

(Photo: Daniel Winter)

This dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher tattoo by Tattooist Grain

(Photo: Tattooist Grain)

This sketched coat of arms.

Sketched coat of arms tattoo by Ricardo Da Maia

(Photo: Ricardo Da Maia)

This bald eagle.

Sketch style eagle tattoo by Fredao Oliveira

(Photo: Fredao Oliveira)

This dotwork design.

Dotwork tattoo design by James Waters

(Photo: James Waters)

This geometric lion.

Geometric lion tattoo by Jamie Eddy

(Photo: Jamie Eddy)

This sketch style bear.

Sketch style bear tattoo by Kamil Mokot

(Photo: Kamil Mokot)