These 45 Finger Tattoos Are Every Woman’s Summer Goals

You can't unsee these.

These tiny hearts.

Tiny hearts by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This rosary.

Rosary by Hojin Peter Jung

(Photo: Hojin Peter Jung)

This semicolon.

Semicolon by Sara De Lara

(Photo: Sara De Lara)

This bow.

Bow by Gokce Ozaslan

(Photo: Gokce Ozaslan)

These anchors.

Anchors by Poke A Dot

(Photo: Poke A Dot)

This star.

Micro star by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

This tree.

Tree by Blue Whale

(Photo: Blue Whale)

These decorations.

Ornamental finger tats by Lara Maju

(Photo: Lara Maju)


Peace tattoo by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

These three lines.

Lines by Sasha

(Photo: Sasha)


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