65 Swoon-Worthy Tattoo Designs Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

A toast to beautiful ink.

This watercolor rose.

Watercolor rose by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

These watercolor butterflies.

Watercolor butterflies by Ewa Sroka

(Photo: Ewa Sroka)

These cosmic balloons.

Cosmic balloons by Kace

(Photo: Kace)

This stunning X-ray flower.

Stunning X-ray flower by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

These cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This horse.

Double exposure horse by Vlada Shevchenko

(Photo: Vlada Shevchenko)

This watercolor cover-up.

Watercolor cover-up by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This wing.

Wing by Tattooist Banul

(Photo: Tattooist Banul)

These poppies.

Poppies by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This sun.

Sun tattoo by Justin Hobson

(Photo: Justin Hobson)