60 Tiny Tattoos That Belong At The Beach This Summer

Yes to all of these.

This spaceman.

Spaceman by Yaroslav Putyata

(Photo: Yaroslav Putyata)

These palms.

Palms by Ed Gomez

(Photo: Ed Gomez)

This tiny tree.

Tiny tree by Iro

(Photo: Iro)

This tiger.

Tiger by Yaroslav Putyata

(Photo: Yaroslav Putyata)

This little heart.

Floral heart by Carla R.

(Photo: Carla R.)

This heart and anchor.

Heart and anchor by East Iz

(Photo: East Iz)

Semper in motu.

Semper in motu by Vivo

(Photo: Vivo)

These roses.

Roses by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This gradient heart.

Gradient heart by Yaroslav Putyata

(Photo: Yaroslav Putyata)

This atomic whirl.

Atomic whirl by Wicky Nicky

(Photo: Wicky Nicky)