60 Must-See Tattoos For Woman Considering Ink

Oh, you already have that perfect design in mind? Think again.

This flower of life piece.

Flower of life tattoo by Flo Nuttall

(Photo: Flo Nuttall)

This rabbit paw.

Floral rabbit paw tattoo by Johno

(Photo: Johno)

These three arrows.

Three arrows by Marquinho Andre

(Photo: Marquinho Andre)

This breathtaking watercolor polar bear on back.

Breathtaking watercolor polar bear tattoo by Russell Van Schaick

(Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This geometric back piece.

Geometric clock and arrow tattoo by Susboom

(Photo: Susboom)

This tiny floral watercolor work.

Small watercolor floral work by Jess Hannigan

(Photo: Jess Hannigan)

This cool lotus flower.

Beautiful lotus flower tattoo with hanging feather by Sara Reichardt

(Photo: Sara Reichardt)

This panther.

Panther tattoo by Sol Tattoo

(Photo: Sol Tattoo)

This adorable watercolor songbird.

Watercolor songbird tattoo by Sandro Stagnitta

(Photo: Sandro Stagnitta)

This geometric mandala design.

Geometric mandala tattoo on elbow by ROXX

(Photo: ROXX)