50 Elegant Ankle Tattoos for Women With Style

So. Much. Gorgeous. Ink.

This watercolor floral anklet tattoo.

Watercolor floral anklet tattoo by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

This delicate feather.

Feather tattoo on ankle by East Iz

(Photo: East Iz)

These roses.

Roses on ankle by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Flower)

‘Waves know shores.’

Text ankle tattoo by Yi

(Photo: Yi)

These pretty flowers.

Flowers on ankle by Holly Walsh

(Photo: Holly Walsh)

This anklet tattoo.

Anklet with charms by Cholo Ink

(Photo: Cholo Ink)

This daisy.

Daisy ankle tattoo by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This watercolor poppy.

Watercolor poppy tattoo on ankle by Tattooist River

(Photo: Tattooist River)

This linework owl on ankle.

Linework owl tattoo on ankle by Chaewa

(Photo: Chaewa)