50 Amazing Wrist Tattoos For Men & Women

Art for your wrists, folks.

This blackwork palm.

Blackwork Palm on Wrist by Branden Martin

Every time I see a palm tree it makes me want to jump on a plane and fly off to some tropical destination. (Photo: Branden Martin)

This watercolor bat.

Watercolor Bat Tattoo on Wrist by Georgia Grey

Think differently. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This elegant rose.

Elegant Pink Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Straight from the cover of a romance novel, this tiny rose tattoo screams heartache and long-haired men.  (Photo: Pinterest)

This little lotus flower.

Lotus Flower Tattoo on Wrist by Gem

Dot dot. (Photo: Gem)

This floral cuff.

Dotwork Floral Cuff by Lawrence Edwards

Can you guess which one we’re capable of doing? Actually that’s even a stretch. Our hands shake. (Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This origami elephant.

Origami Elephant on Wrist by Resul Odabas

And his pet bird. (Photo: Resul Odabas)

This question mark.

Question Mark Tattoo on Wrist by Brittan Puronen

Quirky and cool. (Photo: Brittan Puronen)

This cute conifer.

Tree Tattoo on Wrist by Georgia Grey

If we had to name the top 5 most popular tattoo trends of the last decade, trees would definitely make the cut. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This mandala wristband.

Mandala Wrist Tattoo by Daniel Baker

You can’t help but approve the various styles used to create each individual layer. (Photo: Daniel Baker)

This fern.

Fern Tattoo on Wrist by Doy

Friggin cool. (Photo: Doy)