50 Amazing Wrist Tattoos For Men & Women

Art for your wrists, folks.

This freehand owl.

Owl Tattoo on Wrist by Andrew Hullings

Notice the scrolling design on its chest. (Photo: Andrew Hullings)

This semicolon butterfly.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo by Rocem

An appealing design for all you grammar lovers out there. (Photo: Rocem)

These two elephants.

Elephants on Wrist by Hettie Baker

While elephants don’t usually walk around holding each others tales in a single file line in the wild, occasionally infant elephants will grab their mothers tail for security. (Photo: Hettie Baker)

This rose for Sophia.

Rose Tattoo on Wrist by Frank Tran

(Photo: Frank Tran)

This gorgeous coverup.

Black and Grey ink Floral Wrist Tattoo by Anna Bravo

Well, whatever was there probably isn’t as beautiful as this! (Photo: Anna Bravo)

This tiny bird cage.

Bird Cage Tattoo on Wrist

Here we have a small birdcage accompanied by various botanical branches. (Photo: Ananaie)

This abstract compass.

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo on Wrist by Jen's Ink

This abstract watercolor compass points toward “me.”(Photo: Jen’s Ink)

This minimalistic lotus flower.

Lotus Flower on Wrist by Himanshu Sharma

(Photo: Himanshu Sharma)

This watercolor heart.

Watercolor Heart Tattoo on Wrist by Fran Tran

Colors drip from this tiny heart as if still wet. (Photo: Frank Tran)


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