These 45 Thigh Tattoos For Women Might Just Be The Best Ever

If these were arranged into a PowerPoint presentation, it would win an Oscar.

This floral band with blue moon.

Floral Band by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This watercolor iris.

Watercolor Iris by River

(Photo: Graffittoo)

This dotwork landscape.

Dotwork Landscape by Alex Tabuns

(Photo: Alex Tabuns)

Girl power.

Girl Power Tat by Lucas Martinelli

(Photo: Lucas Martinelli)

This comic book reel.Comic Book Reel Tattoo on Thigh

(Photo: unknown)

These black and gray flowers.

Black and Gray Ink Flowers by Lorraine Longhi

(Photo: Lorraine Longhi)

This paisley piece.

Paisley Design by Poppy

(Photo: Poppy)

This lunar cover-up.

Lunar Cover-up by Ida

(Photo: IDA)

This planetary floral band.

Planetary Floral Band by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This lavender heart.Lavender Heart by Lawrence Edwards

(Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This bouquet of roses.

Pink Rose Bouquet by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)