40 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Well, at least when it comes to tattoos.

These two little branches.

Crossed Branches Tattoo

So simple yet so beautiful. (Photo: Natural)

This tiny rose tattoo.

Tiny Rose Tattoo

What’s more beautiful than a hyper-realistic rose tattoo? This. Something about the minimalistic nature of this itty bitty rose gives it a more intriguing appeal than a larger more detailed work. (Photo: Beautiful Mess)

Add a little color.

Tiny Rose Tattoo

Another small rose tattoo, this time in color because why not. (Photo: Jay Shin)

These crossed-fingers.

Fingers Crossed Tattoo

According to the good folks at Mental Floss, the origins of the age old tradition of crossing your fingers for good luck comes from either one of two commonly passed down theories. The first theory dates back to the early days of Christianity when followers were often persecuted for their beliefs. In order to covertly identify as a Christian, people would cross their fingers to form the shape of a fish. The second, and more probable theory, associates crossed-fingers with early pagan beliefs symbolizing crossed-fingers as the concentration of good spirits. (Photo: Emily)

This miniature camera.

Miniature camera tattoo

For more tiny tattoos visit photographer Austin Tott’s Instagram page and check out his series of minute wrist tattoos.


Purpose Tattoo

An inspirational/motivational quote in Jon Boy’s wicked cool font. I always picture him free-handing these in like 10 seconds. Amazing.

This tasteful tree line.

Tree Line Tattoo

Why have one tree when you can have six. This is a welcome diversion from the usually singular tree tattoos we’re use to seeing. Just beautiful. (Photo: ASH)

This stark diamond.

Small Diamond Tattoo

Give me 10 hours while I try to find something wrong with this. Nope, nothing. (Photo: Jay Shin)


Flower Ankle Tattoo

Simple elegance. (Photo: memes)

This lone light.

Tiny House Hotel

Oopsie. It looks like someone left the light on. (Photo: Khalil Linane)

This seed-dispensing ruderals.

Small Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind are the new arrow tattoos. Watch out, they’re everywhere. (Jon Boy)