40 Snaps That Prove Perfect Tattoos Do Exist

Simply divine.

This lotus flower.

by Fatih Odabas

(Photo: Fatih Odabas)

If you’re getting sick of all the x-ray flower tattoos floating around these days then there’s something seriously wrong with you. No matter how many times I come across this beautiful concept executed with such clarity I lose at least three or four minutes of my day.

This galaxy triangle.

by Kity

(Photo: Kity)

Every artist illustrates space a little differently. However, I’ve yet to discover an artist who had such a firm grasp on this particular area of design. The black ink constellations, shapes, and accents provide a nice framing effect and add just the right amount of contrast to the design.

These lips.

by Puch

(Photo: Puch)

It may sound odd, but when I see lips slathered with a thick coat of deeply-pigmented lip stick I cringe a little on the inside. Besides being an epic illustration in its own right, the smeared effect the artist incorporated into the design is quite superb.

This botanical foot piece.

by Daria Razovskih

(Photo: Daria Razovskih)

It’s nice to see a quality leafy design illustrated by someone who isn’t Lindsay April. Lindsay has her own unique style that I have nothing but love and appreciation for, but this take on the whole “leafy” thing is definitely a welcome sight. Daria, you rock!

These birds.

by Siyeon

(Photo: Siyeon)

Here we have another beautiful sunset set against what looks like a neighborhood in Korea. The stack of LG air conditioners was a dead giveaway.

This angel.

by Youyeon

(Photo: Youyeon)

As someone who could spend a month in the Louvre without ever getting board, this statue of an angel speaks to me on so many different levels. All artists usually study classical sculpture at one point or another during their lives. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that many of the best artists are constantly creating works inspired by Greek and Roman sculpture.

This travel tattoo.

by Iris

(Photo: Iris)

It seems as if every list we’ve released in the past year or two has included some sort of travel themed tattoo. Sorry people, it’s truly unavoidable! Here’s another wonderful travel tattoo for your viewing pleasure.

This patch of plaid.

by Saegeem

(Photo: Saegeem)

Saegeem samples these checkered patterns which are super fun to view. Original, attractive, and fantastically fascinating, many variations of this pattern can be found in Saegeem’s portfolio.

This peach tree.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

For those not in the know, peach tree blossoms are almost identical to cherry blossoms, and some would argue  that they’re even more beautiful than the renowned cherry blossom tree.

These roses.

by Dragon

(Photo: Dragon)

When it comes to rose tattoos, no one does it quite like Dragon. For the sake of load times, we are forced to optimize each image we upload which has the unfortunate side effect of lowering the quality of the image. The original image is quite stunning, and someday I hope to get a chance to see one of Dragon’s freshly-inked floral designs up close and personal.