40 Snaps That Prove Perfect Tattoos Do Exist

Simply divine.

This cityscape.

by Arar

(Photo: Arar)

Creativity can be just as impressive as technical ability when it comes to tattoo designs. This cityscape utilizes negative space buildings set against a glowing sunset which mixes minimalism with just the right amount of texture and color. If you’re considering a cityscape, this is how you do it.

This jellyfish.

by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Nando is a prodigious talent in the world of tattoo design. His visionary designs are always a pleasure to view, and more than a few trends have been initiated by the pulse of his needle. This jellyfish is a wonderful smorgasbord of color which is almost too complex to comprehend.

This palm.

by Jude Guo

(Photo: Jude Guo)

Palm trees evoke emotion unlike any other type of tree. Well, for those of us who don’t live in places where palm trees are native that is. With their perfectly splayed fronds and slender stems reaching into the sky at an ever-so-laid back angle, the palm tree has become the universal symbol for vacation. And if your ink can relieve a little stress in the process of looking cool, well, you can understand why these particular tress are such popular tattoo designs.

This kitty.

by AkiWong

(Photo: AkiWong)

AkiWong’s work is as crisp and clean as it gets. This little kitty is utterly adorable, and seems to be balancing a toy on both her head and tail? Really I have no idea what’s going on here but I thought I’d take a shot in the dark. Aki’s Instagram is full of cute and cuddly creatures. So if you like what you see here you’ll definitely want to get familiar with the rest of her work.

This artist.

by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

(Photo: Zlata Kolomoyskaya)

Zlata is a Queen when it comes to bringing photographs to life in ink. Her work in hyperrealism is certainly unmatched, and this portrait of artist and photographer Robert Frank is just the tip of the iceberg.

These butterflies.

by A Piece

(Photo: A Piece)

Butterflies got bucketed in the same way that dolphins did and placed in a bin labeled “cliché.” Which is why we don’t see as many butterfly tattoos as we once did—truly a shame. Because as the industry has evolved and new technologies and design standards have been implemented, most of the aspects we associate with modern tattooing are perfectly suited for the complexity and design opportunities that the butterfly wing offers.


by Hector Daniels

(Photo: Hector Daniels)

A beautiful script is a wonderful thing to look at. They say that a photograph is worth a thousands words but a word can also carry more weight than a thousand images. If you can find an artist with script/font skills like this, you’re almost obligated to get a little work done.

This rose.

by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Here is a rose, as elegant as any. The muted tones add an aura of vintage elegance to the design that, in my opinion, is more visually appealing than designs composed of brighter and bolder color.

These poppies.

by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

There’s more than a lot going on in this design but the beautifully textured poppy blossoms are definitely the centerpiece of this design. The most impressive aspect about Nando’s work is the creativity and originality he infuses into each and every one of his designs. Many artists are heavily influenced by other artists but it’s almost as if Nando is working in a bubble.

These cherry blossoms.

by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

There’s nothing more beautiful than a cherry blossom tree in full bloom. But a cherry blossom without a beautiful blue backdrop (the sky) wouldn’t be hopelessly alone. The way the blue sky compliments the pink petals of the cherry blossom is both understood and illustrated perfectly by South Korean tattooist Nando.



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