40 Stunning Full Sleeves for Men (2019)

Take a look.

This delicate ornamental sleeve.

by Kristi Walls

(Photo: Kristi Walls)

Okay, so I’m not even sure that this actually qualifies as a sleeve, but for those of you looking for sleeves, this design still may pique your interest. Mandala designs, intricate scrollwork, and elegance galore makes this piece every woman’s fantasy.

This nautical sleeve.

by Dario Enriquez

(Photo: Darwin Enriquez)

This sleeve embodies every old sea legend you ever heard growing up. From the old wooden sailing ship battling stormy seas to the tentacled sea creature waiting beneath the waves, this design is a complete sea saga rolled into one epic sleeve.

These mesmerizing patterns.

by Eric Stricker

(Photo: Eric Stricker)

Out of all of the geometric designs on the list, this design is by far my favorite. We’ve been tapping Eric’s portfolio for years. And every time a new design drops you can bet it’s getting incorporated into one list or another.

These negative space leaves.

by Samsara

(Photo: Samsara)

Sleeves like the one above are what inspire new lists. This design by Samsara utilizes negative space elements to add contrast and dimension to the design.

These heavy blackwork sleeves.

by Alejandro Prada

(Photo: Alejandro Prada)

Heavy blackwork fill isn’t for the faint of heart. As anyone who has ever been inked before knows, tattoos are painful. And the amount of time you would have to sit for sleeves like these isn’t something I would embrace with open arms.

These floral creations.

by Raimundo Ramirez

(Photo: Raimundo Ramirez)

If you’re looking for a feminine sleeve, you really can’t go wrong with anything floral. As this list has already demonstrated, there are numerous ways to incorporate flowers into full sleeve designs. The heavy blackwork cuffs are a nice touch.

This black and grey ink design.

by Mumia

(Photo: Mumia)

Some sleeves are more complex than others. And if it’s complexity you’re after, no one does things quite like Danish artist Mumia. Each and every one of his designs are over-the-top elaborate and look as if they took a week of non-stop work to complete.

This classical design.

by Stephan Milovanov

(Photo: Stephan Milovanov)

Here we have another amazing classical-themed tattoo that depicts carved statues and elegant flowers. Greek and Roman sculpture has stood the test of time, which guarantees a timeless appeal if you choose to go that route.

This sculpted sleeve.

by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)

While we’re on the subject of classical tattoo designs, here’s another one of my favorites by master tattooist Jun Cha. This piece features deep shadows which give this piece a high level of depth and dimension while providing loads of contrast.

These neon accents.

by Chehomova Dasha

(Photo: Chehomova Dasha)

As you’ve probably already noticed, color isn’t exactly the most popular trend when it comes to sleeve tattoos. Black and white is timeless and elegant, but adding a little color can really make a design stand out and give it character. This piece features bright primary colors in the addition to white ink crafted to replicate the look of neon lights.