40 Shockingly Good Tattoos for Men

And I've seen more tattoos than any sane person ever should.

This sculpted face.

by Jefree

(Photo: Jefree)

I’ve always been a huge fan of classical art, which is probably why so much of it can be found in my lists. This piece was created by the renowned Jefree Naderali, and incorporates his playful style into what could be considered the oldest form of art.

This chest piece.

via Desthex

(Photo: Desthex)

Ordered chaos seems like an appropriate way to describe this sprawling chest piece. When you cover-up a tattoo, usually the main objective is to eliminate it in its entirety. But that fact that this piece still reveals traces of an underlying design without sacrificing the aesthetics of the new design speaks volumes.

This neck piece.

by Raffael Fernandes

(Photo: Raffael Fernandes)

If you have the courage, something along the lines of this harmonious neck piece will definitely get you celebrity-like attention wherever you go. And of course you’ll want to keep your beard trimmed for maximum exposure.

This ripple.

by Okan

(Photo: Okan)

New and creative designs are always the most impressive to me. This clean and simple geometric design makes a bold statement while still representing the very embodiment of contemporary design.

These details.

by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

Most of Balazs’ designs are super artistic and abstract which allows him to incorporate so many interesting elements. This forearm piece mimics the intricacies of a circuit board while adding fascinating naturalistic accents.

This geometric design.

by Nokis

(Photo: Nokis)

Tattoos of this variety aren’t something you come across everyday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a design quite this bold in person outside of an industry event. But that shouldn’t stop you from expressing yourself with an interesting and unique piece of ink.


by Julim

(Photo: Julim)

There are a lot of noteworthy designs in this image but the most captivating is undoubtedly the large piece of text. Berlin-based artist Julim creates many variations of these wavy font designs which are quite unique.

This geometric sleeve.

by Caco Menegaz

(Photo: Caco Menegaz)

The full sleeve is the blockbuster of the body art industry. Infinite creative possibilities and easily displayed, a sleeve is a must-have for all ink aficionados. This geometric sleeve is well-balanced and full of fascinating detail.

This world map.

by Mark Ostein

(Photo: Mark Ostein)

In today’s day and age, traveling the world is a dream that many have turned into a reality. We’re currently witnessing a world-wide travel boom thanks to an explosion of travel related content on social media. Which has inspired an enormous amount of tattoos similar to the one above.

This lion.

by Parvicx

(Photo: Parvicx)

Lion tattoos are a dime a dozen. But as this example proves, that doesn’t mean you can’t get something original and unique of your own. Traditional lion tattoos are cool, but giving your artist a little artistic freedom can really pay off.