40 Shockingly Good Tattoos for Men

And I've seen more tattoos than any sane person ever should.

This puppeteer.

via Dots to Lines

(Photo: Dots to Lines)

As far as creativity goes, this sprawling back piece has its bases covered. I especially love the way the artist uses the contrast between light and dark to highlight the focal point of the design.

This skull.

by UPK

(Photo: UPK)

Most great tattooists have a distinctive style to call their own. UPK or Uncl Paul Knows is one of those artists who keeps true to his signature style which consists of air brush inspired illustration highlighted with bold black elements.

This forearm piece.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

Oscar Akermo is one of my favorite artists and one of the best in the business. If time and money were no obstacle, I’d definitely be knocking down his door trying to get as much chair time as possible. Oscar doesn’t update his Instagram as much as other artists do, which makes the release of a new design kind of an event for me.

This anchor.

by Victoria

(Photo: Victoria)

Anchor tattoos sure have come a long ways since the days of swashbuckling marauders and drunken sailors. What used to be a relatively brief affairs, have now morphed into hour-long sessions where details such as shadow behavior and texture characteristics are of the utmost importance.

Dead inside.

by Alexis Xol

(Photo: Alexis Xol)

Palm tattoos are a relatively new phenomenon that’s growing more popular by the day. I’ve heard palm tattoos are quite painful but can’t attest to that myself. There’s an artist that does nothing but palm tattoos but his name eludes me. If I remember I’ll make sure to update this post.

These serpents.

by Greg Nicholson

(Photo: Greg Nicholson)

Obviously there’s a lot more going on here than just these serpents, but in my opinion, they’re definitely the main focal point.

This sleeve.

by Stephan Milovanov

(Photo: Stephan Milovanov)

Jun Cha and Stephan Milovanov. These are the two artists that should be first on your list if you’re seriously considering getting any type of classical tattoo design. Both artists have similar styles which are almost indistinguishable from one another even upon close inspection.

This smoking skull.

via Aureo Roma

(Photo: Aureo Roma)

The quality of this photo is a little blurred due to the compression but you can still appreciate the detail. If you haven’t already, Auero Roma is a shop that I highly recommend visiting—even if it’s only on Insta.

This amazing chest piece.

by Ben Thomas

(Photo: Ben Thomas)

If you’re in the market for a design that will turn you into an instant spectacle whenever you remove your shirt, a massive frontal mural will definitely get the job done. I’m a huge sucker for well-executed scrollwork, which makes this piece a virtual treasure trove.

This hand piece.

by Monchiart

(Photo: Monchiart)

Life is full of stress, but one thing this lucky individual will never have to worry about is someone having a cooler tattoo than him. This three-dimensional geometric pattern is something that should be celebrated around the world.


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