40 BuZZin Bee Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Buzz buzz.

This dotwork mandala design.

Dotwork mandala bee tattoo by Saskia Viney

(Photo: Saskia Viney)

This watercolor honeycomb piece.

Watercolor honeycomb tattoo by Jorell

(Photo: Jorell)

This hyperrealistic honey bee.

Hyperrealistic honey bee tattoo by Ash Timlin

(Photo: Ash Timlin)

This awesome skull tattoo.

Bee skull tattoo by Black Rooster

(Photo: Black Rooster)

This creative dotwork design.

Dotwork bee tattoo by Jana Valjak

(Photo: Jana Väljak)

This foot tat.

Honeycomb and bee on foot by E Lisa Betha

(Photo: E Lisa Betha)

This cosmic creation.

Cosmic bee tattoo by Andy Marsh

(Photo: Andy Marsh)

This big bee.

Big bee tattoo by Juju

(Photo: Juju)

This yellow gem.

Bee tattoo by Michelle Maddison

(Photo: Michelle Maddison)


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