38 Creative Watercolor Tattoos Any Animal Lover Will Enjoy

Including some very interesting insects.

This sprawling side tat.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo by Bartt

Here we have an elephant with it’s trunk held high. The squiggly lines towards the base of the work almost look like writing. (Photo: Bartt)

This large upper arm work.

Watercolor Rabbit Tattoo by Jorell

This rabbit transitions from teal to blue to purple in subtle yet eye-catching manner. (Photo: Jorell)

This pleasant peacock.

Watercolor Peacock by Russell Van Schaick

Fun Peacock Fact: Only the males are technically called “peacocks.” The species are known collectively as “peafowl.” A group of peafowl are known as a “bevy.”(Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This fox and it’s color.

Watercolor Fox by Santiago Buritica

This piece reminds you of Peter Pan and his elusive shadow. This fox seems to be experiencing the same problem except with his color instead of his shadow. (Photo: Santiago Buritica)

These amazing eyes.

Watercolor Cat Tattoo by Santiago Buriticá

A set of hyperrealistic eyes stand out from this abstract dose of watercolor ink. (Photo: Santiago Buriticá)

This fantastic robin.

Watercolor Robin by Caro Blackswan

Here we have a traditional watercolor work. This beautiful robin features an added dose of turquoise which blends beautifully with the various tones of brown on the body. (Photo: Caro Blackswan)

This lovely floral work.

Watercolor Owl Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

This empty-eyed owl is surrounded with the most beautiful collection of watercolor flowers. (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This tiger.

Watercolor Tiger Tattoo by Frankie Oneshot

Each fold of fur is accented with a different shade of ink. (Photo: Frankie Oneshot)

This dynamic duo.

Watercolor Cats by Hami Iffy-Négyökrű

These two abstract cats are almost identical with the exception of their color.  (Photo: Hami Iffy-Négyökrű)