38 Creative Watercolor Tattoos Any Animal Lover Will Enjoy

Including some very interesting insects.

This odd-eyed cat.

Odd-eyed Watercolor Cat Tattoo by Maria Kjeldsen

An absolutely spectacular watercolor frame surrounds this hyperrealism cat with two different colored eyes. This odd-eyed trait is most commonly found in white cats but can effect cats of all colors. Odd-eyed cats are often born with two matching eyes, only later does one eye change color. (Photo: Maria Kjeldsen)

This abstract peacock.

Watercolor Peacock by Malaika

Genius. (Photo: Malaika)

This epic elephant.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo by Schwein

This yellow-tusked elephant has a heart on it’s ear. (Photo: Schwein)

This pretty panda.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo by Inked Féline

We’re not sure if this actually qualifies as watercolor but it sure is beautiful. (Photo: Inked Féline)

This butterfly.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo by Kreepy Tiki

Here we have a butterfly design with a subtle pattern covering the wings. (Photo: Kreepy Tiki)

This dragonfly design.

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo by Davide Casellato

(Photo: Davide Casellato)

This geometric stag.

Watercolor Stag Tattoo by Angelianna Koro

This geometric stag features what looks like a dotwork spider web connecting the tips of it’s antlers. (Photo: Angelianna Koro)

This large leopard.

Watercolor Leopard Tattoo by Frankie Oneshot

Another well executed leopard design. (Photo: Frankie Oneshot)

This beautiful blue jay.

Bluejay Tattoo by Hami Iffy-Négyökrű

Fun fact: Blue Jays aren’t blue. Their feathers are actually brown but the way they scatter light causes them to appear blue. (Photo: Hami Iffy-Négyökrű)