38 Alluring Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

Tropical paradise here we come.

This elbow piece.

Palm on elbow by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This minimalistic piece.

Minimalistic palm by East Iz

(Photo: East Iz)

This foot tat.

Small palm on foot by Jon Larson

(Photo: Jon Larson)

This blackwork palm and shell.

Blackwork palm and shell by Wolf & Wren

(Photo: Wolf & Wren)

‘Take it easy.’

'Take it easy' palm tree tattoo via Madison Hudson

(Photo: Madison Hudson)

This back ankle tat.

Back ankle palm tree by Tattooist Seoeon

(Photo: Tattooist Seoeon)

This forearm work.

Palm tree tattoo on forearm via Karol

(Photo: Karol)

This adorable little ankle tat.

Adorable little palm tree on ankle by Tattooist Seoeon

(Photo: Tattooist Seoeon)



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