36 Perfect Sleeve Tattoos for Guys With Style

And they're magnificent.


This shredded steel sleeve.

Shredded Steel Full Sleeve by Pavel Roch

Amazing detail. This piece looks, for lack of a better word, sharp. (Photo: Pavel Roch)

This blackwork combination sleeve.

Blackwork Full Sleeve by Jakob Holst Rasmussen

A heavy black upper transitions into no less than four different out-of-this-world geometric patterns. (Photo: Jakob Holst Rasmussen)

This Polynesian tribal sleeve.

Polynesian Tribal Sleeve by Kenny Brown

This is how you do tribal sleeves! For those of you not yet Kenny Brown fans, his tribal work is something you must see. (Photo: Kenny Brown)

This red-eyed koi fish.

Koi Fish Full Sleeve by Nha Nguyen

Tidbits of red ink adorn this otherwise colorless asian-themed sleeve. (Photo: Nha Nguyen)

This samurai sleeve.

Samurai Full Sleeve Tattoo by Nha Nguyen

Here we have a samurai warrior complete with head to toe armor and mask. (Photo: Nha Nguyen)

This perfect pocket watch.

Realism Full Sleeve by Dennis Wilde

This vintage style sleeve tattoo features softly lit angels and a perfectly drawn timepiece. (Photo: Dennis Wilde)

This creative composition.

Full Sleeve Tattoo by Jun Cha

Jun strikes again, this time adding a gorgeous female face to the mix. (Photo: Jun Cha)

This perfect Polynesian tribal sleeve.

Polynesian Tribal Sleeve by Lai

Tribal chaos. (Photo: Lai)

This geometric 3/4 sleeve.

Geometric 3/4 Sleeve by David Mushaney

The depth added to this geometric masterpiece makes this piece a border line optical illusion. (Photo: David Mushaney)