35 X-Ray Flower Tattoos That Will Take Your Breath Away

The newest trend in floral.

This upper arm poppy.

X-ray Poppy Tattoo by Vinnie Pernice

Big and beautiful. (Photo: Vinnie Pernice)

These X-ray lilies.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Javier Reyes

(Photo: Javier Reyes)

This X-ray lotus flower.

X-ray Lotus Flower Tatto by ilwol

A delicate lotus flower with it’s signature tiered pedals. (Photo: ilwol)

These colorful X-ray tulips.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Karmen Leung

This piece features an enchanting combination of colors not usually see in X-ray tats. (Photo: Karmen Leung)

This beautiful shoulder piece.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Justin Jakus

(Photo: Justin Jakus)

These pretty peonies.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Mighele

Not the best photo but the beauty of this work is still evident. (Photo: Mighele)

These purple-tinted iris flowers.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Marcus Lund

This…..  (Photo: Marcus Lund)

This blackwork tulip.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Moorea Hum

Ribcage perhaps? It’s a little tough to make out the placement of this piece. (Photo: Moorea Hum)

This gorgeous upper arm work.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Mighele

Look familiar? This piece is eerily similar to another design on the list. A few of these tats were done from popular photos of X-rayed flowers floating around the web. (Photo: Mighele)

This purple back shoulder piece.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Nic LeBrun

Also visible is what appears to be another pink X-rayed flower tat. (Photo: Nic LeBrun)



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