35 X-Ray Flower Tattoos That Will Take Your Breath Away

The newest trend in floral.

This spectacular side tat.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Nicola Oldenhof

Possibly a rose just past it’s prime? (Photo: Nicola Oldenhof)

These perfect poppies.

X-ray Poppies by Emma Bundonis

Two intertwined poppies decorate the lower back of this lucky individual. (Photo: Emma Bundonis)

This beautiful butterfly.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Moritz Piwon

And the dress to match. These X-rayed flowers make for a delightful minimalistic sub sleeve. (Photo: Moritz Piwon)

This brilliant back piece.

X-ray Floral Tattoo by Moorea Hum

Here we have a few what looks to be lotus flowers meandering across the back and up the neck. (Photo: Moorea Hum)

These pretty pistils.

X-ray Flower Tattoo Design by Robin Elizabeth

We’re not exactly sure what variety of flower these are but what stands out in this work are the visible pistils that can be seen through the pedals. Very nice. (Photo: Robin Elizabeth)

This lovely leg piece.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Jarrod Miller

(Photo: Jarrod Miller)

This work in progress.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Tan

Looks finished, right? (Photo: Tan)

This seductive shoulder piece.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Moorea Hum

It’s probably safe to say that this lady has more than a few off-the-shoulder tops in her closet. (Photo: Moorea Hum)

This forearm rose.

X-ray Rose Tattoo by Rodolphe

Another beautiful rose sans the thorns. (Photo: Rodolphe)

This amazing assortment of X-ray flowers.

X-ray Flower Tattoo by Vinnie Pernice

This lower leg piece features flowers from a variety of different species. (Photo: Vinnie Pernice)