32 Best Wing Tattoos For Men and Women

Only the very best.

These sprawling back wings.

Large Angel Wings by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

These watercolor wings.

Watercolor Wings by The Studio

(Photo: The Studio)

This gorgeous black and gray ink design.

Black and Grey Ink Wings by Becka Schoedel

(Photo: Becka Schoedel)

This floating wing.

Floating Wing by Tassos Gikas

(Photo: Tassos Gikas)

These cute wings.

Wings on Back by Simon Diamant Silfverberg

(Photo: Simon Diamant Silfverberg)

This work in progress.

Wings in Progress by Charli Faure

(Photo: Charli Faure)

This amazing blackwork wing.

Blackwork Wing Tattoo by Wang Lei

(Photo: Wang Lei)

These broken wings.

Broken Wings by Ramshackle

(Photo: Ramshackle)



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