30 Reasons You Should Get Bestie Tattoos This Summer

Trust me—these best friend tattoos are phenomenal.

This sun and moon.

Sun and moon by Viktoria Vitez

(Photo: Viktoria Vitez)

No matter what, no matter where.

No matter what, no matter where by Mason Griffin

(Photo: Mason Griffin)

These aliens.

Matching alien tattoos by Dyh Bubols

(Photo: Dyh Bubols)

These pinky promises.

Pinky promises by Charlotte Bergman

(Photo: Charlotte Bergman)

Partner in time, partner in crime.

Partner in time, partner in crime by Manuela

(Photo: Manuela)

These gradient hearts.

Gradient hearts by Iris Yang

(Photo: Iris Yang)

These pugs.

Matching pug tattoos via Paulina

(Photo: Paulina)

These small red hearts.

Small red hearts via Nina

(Photo: Nina)

These matching roses.

Matching roses by Jude Guo

(Photo: Jude Guo)

These ornamental forearm pieces.

Ornamental forearm pieces by Veronika Vojtkova

(Photo: Veronika Vojtkova)

These simple suns.

Matching suns by Cansuolga

(Photo: Cansuolga)

These poppies.

Poppies by IDA

(Photo: IDA)