42 Maori Tribal Tattoos That Are Actually Maori Tribal Tattoos

This shoulder to trap design


I wonder what this tattoo will look like when this guy stops working out everyday.

This beautiful Maori hybrid tattoo

epic-maori-tribal-tattooAmazing amazing piece but probably should have done something else with the nipple.

This full back piece of epic proportions


I’m at a loss for words when looking at this design. Pure genius. This is one of those tattoos that probably wasn’t supposed to look like anything specific yet when it was finished looks like whatever your mind chooses to see.

This super cool extended tribal sleeve


Another breathtaking piece that deserves a place in the tattoo hall of fame if there was one. Not too light, not too dark, just perfect.

These far out turtle tattoos




There’s something about tribal turtles that’s just irresistible in the eyes of tattoo seekers. By far the most popular tribal animal when it comes to the chair (tattoo chair not electric).

This rectangular back piece


Creative linear design.

This work in progress


Anyone know where we can view the finished product?

Another friggin’ sweet rectangular back tattoo


It looks like he’s giving one of the tribal elders a piggy back ride. This is such an amazing example of Maori art at it’s best.