42 Maori Tribal Tattoos That Are Actually Maori Tribal Tattoos

Top of the foot design


I don’t know why this looks so cool but it just does.

This epic chest piece


Not sure what this says but it looks amazing.

This faded half sleeve


Is it faded? Or is the camera just playing tricks on us.

This masked turtle


Probably should have gone up top with the others but I forgot. Keep submitting great stuff like this guys!

This sleeping warrior


By far the coolest Maori mask guy I’ve seen.

This almost-completed extended sleeve


It’s always awesome to see the works come to life during the process.

This bad ass Maori neck tattoo


His ear.

This celebrity piece


Probably the most famous Maori style tattoo in the world today. Hint: Even though you’re not in his kitchen, you can probably still smell what this guy is cookin’.

This elegant pec piece


From the look of this, I’m kind of under the impression that this is a work in progress. Either way, it’s already awesome.

This gorgeous full back mural


In this case, we’ve saved the best for last.


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