30 Life-Changing Sleeve Tattoos for Men and Women

Straight fire.

This vintage sleeve.

by coldgray

(Photo: coldgray)

This double exposure design.

by coldgray

(Photo: coldgray)

This classical sleeve.

by Stephan Milovanov

(Photo: Stephan Milovanov)

This horned creature.

by Greg Nicholson

(Photo: Greg Nicholson)

This eye.

by Richard Feodorow

(Photo: Richard Feodorow)

This mural.

by Richard Feodorow

(Photo: Richard Feodorow)

This ornamental sleeve.

by Ira Shmarinova

(Photo: Ira Shmarinova)

This space woman.

by Matias Noble

(Photo: Matias Noble)

This geometrical mashup.

by Raimundo Ramirez

(Photo: Raimundo Ramirez)

This half-sleeve.

by Checho

(Photo: Checho)


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