30 Fabulous Feather Tattoos For Only The Most Discerning of Eyes

They're all just so Instagrammable.​​

This feminine feather.

Girly Feather Tattoo by Juliet P

This magical piece includes some very interesting shapes, which appear to either be birds, butterflies, flowers, or just random shapes open for interpretation. Our guess is the latter. (Photo: Juliet P)

This tiny tat.

Small Feather Tattoo by Mini

Because simple is beautiful. (Photo: Mini)

This gorgeous watercolor work.

Watercolor Feather Tattoo by Aleksandra Kozubska

This soaring bird seems to have lost one of it’s beautiful feathers. (Photo: Aleksandra Kozubska)

This fascinating dotwork peacock feather.

Fascinating dotwork peacock feather by Ana González Saravia

(Photo: Ana González Saravia)

This black and grey ink forearm work.

Feather Tattoo by Cristiano Fernandes

(Photo: Cristiano Fernandes)

These ornate details.

Ornate Feather Tattoo by Murat

While probably not physically possible to add any more detail to this colorful piece, it’s definitely as captivating as it is complex.  (Photo: Murat)

This abstract feather.

Abstract feather tattoo by Chris Rigoni

(Photo: Chris Rigoni)

This collar bone piece.

Watercolor Feather Tattoo by Alby Brown

More watercolor work is always welcome. Trend? Or defining style of the 21st century? Only time will tell. (Photo: Alby Brown)

This hyperrealism work.

Hyperrealism Feather by Joice Wang

(Photo: Joice Wang)

This black ink peacock feather.

Black Ink Peacock Feather Tattoo by Noel C

If they had an awards show for peacock feather tattoos, which there is no shortage of, this tattoo would definitely be sitting in the front row. (Photo: Noel)