25 Symmetrically Satisfying Connecting Tattoo Designs

Symmetry is the new black.

This converging sternum piece.

Symmetrical Tattoo by Roxx

In overall breathtaking piece but what stands out to me the most is the blurred, pixelated line effect on the edges of the design. Not to mention some serious blackwork. (Photo: Roxx)

This dotted hexagram.

Symmetrical Dotwork Tattoo

For someone seemingly ashamed of their toes, they sure did pick an odd place to get a tattoo. Or maybe they were just long overdue for a pedicure. (Photo: Facu Ontivero)

This cross.

Symmetrical Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

B-E-A-UTIFUL. (Photo: Chaim Machlev)

This little star.

Symmetrical Mandala Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

Not sure if the star came before, after, or during, but it sure does look like it belongs.  Another fantastic tattoo from Berlin-based tattoo artist Chaim Machlev.

This beautiful bubble.

Symmetrical Mandala Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame

Is it just me or does the entire mandala design look like it’s encapsulated inside a bubble? (Photo: Tilldth Tattoo)


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