25 Symmetrically Satisfying Connecting Tattoo Designs

Symmetry is the new black.

This foot-top snowflake.

Symmetrical Foot Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame

I believe this is a large snowflake design. Don’t shame me if I’m wrong though. A touch of color always goes nicely with dotwork designs.  (Photo: Tilldth Tattoo)

This symmetrical flower.

Symmetry Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame

This breathtaking floral design has a shaded-with-pencil look to it. If I had to choose a design from the list for myself, this would definitely be it. Bravo on every level. (Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

These dotwork wings.

Symmetrical Tattoo by Vincent of Beautiful Freak

If if you look carefully you’ll notice that there’s actually two different sets of wings. Or maybe this is just a creative artistic design and it’s not meant to look like anything. Either way it’s an amazing design. (Photo: Vincent)

Another foot tattoo.

Symmetrical Foot Tattoo by Jan Mraz

By now you’ve probably noticed that the majority of these symmetrical style designs seem to be on feet. In order for the whole concept to really work, the two separate body parts have to line up. With feet, they’re usually already lined up so you can understand the temptation. (Photo: Jan Mraz)

This symmetrical white ink tattoo.

Symmetrical White Ink Tattoo

This white ink design appears to have a rose at the center. I’d love to see this design under a black light. In case you didn’t know, white ink glows under ultraviolet lights.

This symmetrical leaf work.

Symmetrical Leg Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

This ornamental leaf work design is a welcome diversion from the usual geometric and mandala patterns we are use to seeing. Of course there’s still a bit of geometricary involved in this piece. Yes, I did just make up a word.  (Photo: Chaim Machlev)

This bold mandala design.

Symmetrical Mandala Foot Tattoo by Sarah Herzdame

Thick black lines house this dotwork mandala design. (Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

Stars & dots.

Symmetrical Foot Tattoo by Xoii

Another terrific example of how much beauty just a little bit of color gives an otherwise colorless piece. (Photo: Xoii)

This symmetrical hand design.

Symmetry Tattoo on Hand

Spectacular pattern work lends this hand tattoo an almost stained glass window look. (Photo: Facebook)


Symmetrical Foot Tattoo

This staggered pattern adds a playful twist to the usual uniform mandala designs. The light to dark centerpiece gives the work a sense of depth as well.  (Photo: Evgeny Kopanov)