25 Breathtaking Mountain Tattoos That Flat Out Rock

Don't worry. There's no climbing involved.

This colorful forearm tat.


Martyna’s style is often described as surrealist watercolor. A few other artists dabble in this particular niche but Martyna is definitely one of the best. (Photo: Martyna Popiel)

This spectacular chest piece.


It’s tough to put into words how awe-inspiring this black and grey ink chest piece is but I’m gonna try. It’s an absolute triumph in modern day body art. (Photo: Chris Paez)

This diamond-shaped design.


This minimalistic woodcut tat is one of the best examples of the style I’ve seen. A thick solid-ink tree line contrasts well with the faint lines that make up the sky.  (Photo: Katie Shocrylas)

This subtle watercolor work.


Here we have another set up mountains with a  touch of blue watercolor work. If it works, it works. There’s nothing better than a mountain rage tattoo. (Photo: Julia Dumps)

These dotwork clouds.


Stallone probably couldn’t even climb these vertical peaks.  (Photo: BSA)

This winding river.


Maybe “psychedelic stream” would have been a more fitting title for this smorgasbord of color.  (Photo: Martyna Popiel)

These pointy peaks.


So simple yet so undeniably awesome. (Photo: Tumblr)

This starry sky.


Another fantastic woodcut style black ink tat. (Photo: Junko)

This divine dotwork.


I can’t say enough good things about this amazingly smooth design. This perfect mountain range looks as if it was constructed out of metal. (Photo: Ben Dukakis)

This foot tattoo.


(Photo: Tumblr)

These shades of blue.


Straight blue shadows of multiple colors stream from these glacial peaks. (Photo: IDA)

This magical trip.


If you like psychedelic art, you might wanna save this image for later. I could stare at this tattoo for hours. (Photo: Martyna Popiel)

This dotwork design.


Not exactly sure what’s going on here but it sure is beautiful. (Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

This ominous setting.


This overcast black and grey ink design includes what looks like a bird shape in the sky. (Photo: Patrick Hilton)

These tall trees.


(Photo: Dasha Vega)



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