21 Expertly Executed Diamond Tattoos

Because who doesn't love diamonds?

 This space themed diamond.

Space-themed diamond tattoo by Adrian Bascur

(Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This Hope Division tattoo.

Hope Division Stick To Your Guns Tattoo

This tattoo is a graphic used by the Orange Country based band “Stick to Your Guns.” It’s black ink minimalistic design is dramatically striking and as you can see, makes for a pretty awesome tattoo.  (Photo: Antal Tamasi)

This back-of-the-neck decoration.

Beautiful Diamond Tattoo on Back of Neck

This brilliant diamond features a drop shadow that creates a wonderful contrast with the lighter colors of the stone.  (Photo: Pinterest)

This colorful abstract diamond.

Colorful Abstract Diamond Flower Tattoo

If you’re a Sahsa Unisex fan, then you probably already recognized this delightful piece as one of her own. Her distinctive style has taken on a life of it’s own with many artist’s imitating her style.

This dotwork diamond tattoo.

Dotwork Diamond Tattoo

Probably the most “Perfect” diamond on this list, it would be tough to spot any imperfections on this dotted diamond even if you were to take a microscope to it. (Photo: Uls Metzger)

This beautiful blue diamond.

Blue Diamond Tattoo

This gorgeous blue-colored diamond tattoo is outlined by sketch-style black ink which really makes this brilliant diamond pop. The words “never die” hover below the diamond in a unique and stylistic font. Rihanna song tribute possibly? Polish artist Ewa Sroka is one of the most underrated artists on Instagram. Be sure to check out her work.

This watercolor work.

Watercolor diamond tattoo by Camilo Gonzalez

(Photo: Camilo Gonzalez)

This shaded back piece.

Hyper Realistic Diamond Tattoo

This freshly-inked diamond has no color, frills, or excess decoration. Just a simple, elegant, decidedly breathtaking design. If only we had a better photo of this!

This large purple diamond.

Purple Diamond Tattoo

In case you were wondering, yes purple diamonds do exist naturally and are found more often than one would think. Diamonds which appear purple in color are often referred to as Grape diamonds, Plum diamonds, Lavender diamonds, Lilac diamonds, and Orchid diamonds among other names. As with all colored diamonds, purple diamonds gain their color from the presence of other elements in addition to that of pure carbon. In this case, trace amounts of hydrogen are responsible for the diamond’s purple color. (Photo: Kyle Cotterman)

This pair of matching diamond finger tattoos.

Couple Diamond Finger Tattoos

Small and simple. I felt like this list wouldn’t be complete without a few smaller designs as they are far more popular than their larger counterparts. (Photo: Ivy Saruzi)

This cluster of diamonds.

Blue Diamonds Tattoo

(Photo: Maya A)


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