20 Scenic Landscape Tattoos

Trees? Grass? Mountains? They bring their own.

This golden sunrise

Amazing Nature Tattoo

The view was so good they decided to frame it. Everything from the clouds to the frame is nothing short of sensational.  (Photo: Atlas)

This feather silhouette

Gorgeous Nature Tattoo

A fantasy-like landscape fit into the outline of a feather. (Photo: Arboreatem)

Crater Lake

Crater Lake Nature Tattoo

This sleeve was a work in progress at the time this photo was taken. (Photo: Resonanteye)

This full back piece

Beautiful Mountains on Back Tattoo

Color overload. What a dazzling display of color. (Photo: Angie Pagan)

This babbling brook

Nature Creek Tattoo

You can almost hear the water rushing by. (Photo: Geza Ottiecz)

These aqua green waters

Amazing Mountain Tattoo

This tattoo’s almost too cool for school. Light blues and greens give the piece a unique sense of tranquility.  (Photo: Lauz)

These rocky islands

Landscape Tattoo

Obviously a work in progress. Birds need feathers and trees need leaves, yet you can still get lost in this piece for hours.

This dramatic landscape

Dramatic Landscape Tattoo

As far as picturesque landscape tattoos go, this one takes the cake. Everything about this piece is absolutely divine. (Photo: Nika Samarina)

This cabin in the woods


This quaint little shack in the woods is set in some pretty serene surroundings. An outdoorsmen’s dream come true.  (Photo: Kyle Cotterman)



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