101 Girly Tattoos You’ll Wish You Had This Summer

This year's summer tattoos of our dreams.

This paper airplane.

Paper airplane by G.NO

(Photo: G.NO)

This red and grey mandala flower.

Red and grey ink mandala flower by Elisabeth Markov

(Photo: Elisabeth Markov)

Feel the moment.

'Feel the moment' floral tattoo by Tattooist River

(Photo: Tattooist River)

These single needle flowers.

Single needle flowers by Daniel Winter

(Photo: Daniel Winter)

These floral patterns.

Floral patterns by Tattooist River

(Photo: Tattooist River)

This 3D flower.

3D flower by Anton YellowDog

(Photo: Anton YellowDog)

This watercolor flower on forearm.

Watercolor flower on forearm by Anton

(Photo: Anton)

This stunning watercolor shoulder piece.

Stunning watercolor shoulder piece by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

(Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This micro infinity heart.

Micro infinity heart by Witty Button

(Photo: Witty Button)

This floral anklet.

Floral anklet by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)