The Coolest Skull Tattoos You’ll Ever See (50 PHOTOS)

Nothing mediocre about these.


Whether you are interested in getting a skull tattoo or you’re not quite sure how you got here, you came to the right place. These skulls are cool, edgy, creative, and unique. There are many articles out there featuring skull tattoos of various qualities, but these are definitely some of the best.

Even though skulls mainly signify death and danger, most people are attracted to them as tattoo designs simply due to their aesthetic appeal. Below we’ll explore a diverse collection of skull tattoo designs created by most talented tattoo artists from around the globe.

These diamond-shaped skull tattoos.

Skull tats on neck by Doctor Woo

This guy here has some very interesting tats. But what stands out the most are the three skulls set inside diamond-shaped frames. The contrast of each skull seems to slowly dim from left to right. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This abstract sketch style piece.

Sketch style skull tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

As you get further down the list you’ll start to notice a reoccurring trend. Sketch style skull tattoos. And for good reason. Sketch style tattoos are cool, edgy, and currently one of the trendiest new tattooing techniques.   (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This floral skull tattoo.

Floral skull tattoo by Joice Wang

This is a design that has been recreated many times. While it’s tough to pin point who is responsible for the original, it’s always a pleasure to see different versions of it especially when brilliant artists like Joice Wang throw their hats in the ring.  (Photo: Joice Wang)

This cover-up.

Cover-up skull piece on neck by Jozsef Beres Jr

If you’re in need of a large cover-up, then this is certainly one way to go. This deteriorated skull looks as if it was made of metal and still sitting in the red hot forge.  (Photo: Jozsef Beres Jr.)

This opaque grey skull.

Opaque grey skull tattoo by Chris Rigoni

Looking for a realistic solid grey skull tattoo? Skull tattoos have come a long way since the days of the crude skull and cross bones design. Pirates around the world would definitely be a little jealous if you were rocking this beaut.  (Photo: Chris Rigoni)

This sketchy rib cage design.

Sketchy skull cluster on rib cage by Dino Nemec

Another breathtaking sketch style skull design. Dino always manages to put a creative twist on whatever he does. These three skulls blocked together are complimented with geometric shapes and dotwork accents.  (Photo: Dino Nemec)

This honeycomb skull design.

Honeycomb skull tattoo by Deborah Genchi

Here we have a black and grey ink skull segmented into a honeycomb design. The negative space lines are a nice touch that add to the continuity of the overall design.  (Photo: Deborah Genchi)

This creative hand piece.

Half-skull on hand by Ivy Saruzi

Well, this would be fun. (Photo: Ivy Saruzi)

This broken jaw.

Skull with broken jaw by Frank Carrilho

Frank Carrilho is one of our favorite sketch style tattooists. He has perfected his own unique style that mixes overdrawn lines with dynamic dotwork shading. His work can be seen throughout this list.  (Photo: Frank Carrilho)

This joker chest piece.

Joker chest piece by Sven Rayen

Low poly designs are Sven’s thing. And this is a perfect example. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This electric watercolor skull.

Electric watercolor skull by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

A turquoise light radiates from the interior of this skull. The purple and orange colors go well with the turquoise and grey ink skull.  (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This black and grey ink calavera.

Black and grey ink calavera by Elisabeth Markov

The calavera is a decorated edible skull made out of sugar created to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The skulls are traditional folk art from Mexico which often become the subject of tattoo art.  (Photo: Elisabeth Markov)

This landscape skull.

Landscape skull by Balazs Bercsenyi

You think you may be seeing a skull but it’s actually a cleverly drawn landscape. This one is pretty obvious, but just in case you can’t see it, the gondola is a mouth and the trees on the riverbank are the eyes and nose.  (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This stylish watercolor skull.

Watercolor skull by Russell Van Schaick

Ya, the skull is cool, but what really stands out is the details that were put into the watercolor blotches. (Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This sprawling chest piece.

Massive skull tattoo by John Anderton

If size was the goal, than this design would definitely take first prize. The large scale of things allowed for the artist to incorporate an eye-popping level of detail into the bone.  (Photo: John Anderton)

This negative space skull.

Negative space skull tattoo by Matt Pettis

A large forehead makes for a very ominous looking skull. (Photo: Matt Pettis)

This forearm piece.

Skull on forearm by Jason Butcher

Here we have a well-shaded skull that seems to almost appear out of no where. The lack of boundary lines gives the soft shading an extra boost.  (Photo: Jason Butcher)

This floral skull.

Floral skull by Dino Nemec

This tattoo was featured before on one of our other lists but it was just too amazing so we thought we would bring it back for this list. (Photo: Dino Nemec)

This back piece.

Skull on back by Victor Portugal

Polish artist Victor Potugal always puts together the most detail driven tattoos. This large back piece is no exception. (Photo: Victor Portugal)

This botanical skull on thigh.

Botanical skull tattoo on thigh by Sasha Masiuk

You could scour the dictionary for an entire lifetime and still be unable to find a word that accurately describes just how beautiful this tattoo is. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This Greek warrior tat.

Greek warrior tattoo by Arlo DiCristina

Here we have a Greek warrior statue fading out into skull with its mouth wide open. This is a great example of a technique which we seldom see. (Photo: Arlo DiCristina)

This skull, rose, and hourglass.

Skull, rose, and hourglass tattoo by Fredao Oliveira

Another masterpiece by the talented Fredao Oliveira. (Photo: Fredao Oliveira)

This tiny geometric skull.

Small geometric skull tattoo by Evan Tattoo

(Photo: Evan Tattoo)

This sketched marker piece.

Sketched marker skull by Frank Carrilho

(Photo: Frank Carrilho)

This colorful back shoulder piece.

Colorful skull tattoo on back shoulder by Nathan Fisher

An explosion of watercolor ink sets the background for this dotwork skull. (Photo: Nathan Fisher)

This cool Day of The Dead skull.

Day of The Dead skull tattoo by Georgia Grey

Another sugar skull tattoo with an abstract spin. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This shoulder tat.

Skull on shoulder by Gara

Perfect teeth. (Photo: Gara)

This hand tat.

Skull tat on hand by Den Yakovlev

This skull tattoo appears as if it was lite from above, Godfather style. (Photo: Den Yakovlev)

This plugged in skull.

Plugged in skull tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

Watercolor tattoos are everywhere now but Felipe’s unique watercolor style has him leading the pack. (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This plaid skull.

Plaid skull tattoo by Sven Rayen

(Photo: Sven Rayen)

The human skull is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols in the history of civilization. Although most people today associate the skull with danger, death, and evil, many cultures view it in a much different light. Here are just a few examples of the various symbolism of skulls.

As a good luck charm. Many gamblers wear a stick pin skull as a good luck charm while gambling. During the Day of the Dead, the skull is also displayed to bring good fortune for the following year as well as honor the dead.

To evoke fear and caution. Dangerous chemicals are often labeled with a skull and crossbones to signify poison and danger.

To symbolize the afterlife. Most notably represented on the Death card when reading Tarot.

These matching hand tats.

Matching skull tattoos on hands by Benjamin Laukis

Two skulls, one red and one blue set against a black background. (Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This black and grey ink back piece.

Black and grey ink back piece by Fren4i

This sprawling back piece looks like an x-ray of two large roses and a skull. (Photo: Fren4i)

This laughing skull.

Laughing skull tattoo by Fredao Oliveira

Another epic piece of ink from Fredao.  (Photo: Fredao Oliveira)

St George and the Dragon.

St George and the Dragon skull by Sanghyuk Ko

St. George and the Dragon is a popular folk tale that can be traced all the way back to a Georgian text from the 11th century. Today the story is retold mostly in the form of children’s books where St. George slays the mighty dragon. This tattoo stays true to form with its engraved style that looks as if it might have accompanied the original text from the 11th century.  (Photo: Sanghyuk Ko)

This DaVinci skull sketch.

DaVinci skull sketch tattoo by Doctor Woo

Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches were groundbreaking to say the least. Most of us tend to think of Da Vinci as a painter, which he was, but it may come as a surprise to you that only 15 paintings have been positively attributed to the great renaissance man. However, we do have thousands of pages of doodles which included his famous anatomical sketchs which were truly ahead of his time.  (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This large floral skull on thigh.

Large floral skull on thigh by Antonio Proietti

Another beautiful floral skull, this time located on the thigh. (Photo: Antonio Proietti)

This skull with headdress.

Skull with headdress by Lawrence Edwards

The master of the dotwork tattoo strikes again. (Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This money skull.

Money skull by Isaiah Negrete

Here we have another Day of the Dead sugar skull complete with 100 dollar eyes. (Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This sternum skull.

Sternum skull tattoo by paolacurradoottat

Watercolor and amazing. (Photo: Paolacurradoottat)

This heavy blackwork hand tat.

Heavy blackwork skull on hand by Alex Bruz

Deep cavities are illustrated with heavy blackwork fill. (Photo: Alex Bruz)

This circuit skull.

Circuit skull by Matt Pettis

Because why not? Notice the heavy shading on the left side that really makes the piece.  (Photo: Matt Pettis)

This textured skull.

Textured skull by Marco Rossetti

(Photo: Marco Rossetti)

This smooth skull.

Smooth skull by Jason Butcher

(Photo: Jason Butcher)

This beautiful watercolor skull.

Beautiful watercolor skull tattoo by Simona Blanar

Simona’s watercolor style always manages to amaze us. This skull uses every color under the rainbow. (Photo: Simona Blanar)

This tiny floral skull.

Tiny floral skull by Zihwa

Tiny white cherry blossoms decorate this skull. (Photo: Zihwa)

This optical illusion.

Optical illusion skull by Dmitriy Samohin

Art within art. (Photo: Dmitriy Samohin)

This epic back piece.

Full back piece by Benjamin Laukis

(Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This tiny sternum tat.

Tiny skull on sternum by Pari Corbitt

(Photo: Pari Corbitt)

This surreal skull.

Surreal skull tattoo by Josu

(Photo: Josu)

This skull and hand.

Skull tattoo by Frank Carrilho

(Photo: Frank Carrilho)


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