The Coolest Skull Tattoos You’ll Ever See (50 PHOTOS)

Nothing mediocre about these.

This electric watercolor skull.

Electric watercolor skull by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

A turquoise light radiates from the interior of this skull. The purple and orange colors go well with the turquoise and grey ink skull.  (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This black and grey ink calavera.

Black and grey ink calavera by Elisabeth Markov

The calavera is a decorated edible skull made out of sugar created to celebrate the Day of the Dead. The skulls are traditional folk art from Mexico which often become the subject of tattoo art.  (Photo: Elisabeth Markov)

This landscape skull.

Landscape skull by Balazs Bercsenyi

You think you may be seeing a skull but it’s actually a cleverly drawn landscape. This one is pretty obvious, but just in case you can’t see it, the gondola is a mouth and the trees on the riverbank are the eyes and nose.  (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This stylish watercolor skull.

Watercolor skull by Russell Van Schaick

Ya, the skull is cool, but what really stands out is the details that were put into the watercolor blotches. (Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This sprawling chest piece.

Massive skull tattoo by John Anderton

If size was the goal, than this design would definitely take first prize. The large scale of things allowed for the artist to incorporate an eye-popping level of detail into the bone.  (Photo: John Anderton)

This negative space skull.

Negative space skull tattoo by Matt Pettis

A large forehead makes for a very ominous looking skull. (Photo: Matt Pettis)

This forearm piece.

Skull on forearm by Jason Butcher

Here we have a well-shaded skull that seems to almost appear out of no where. The lack of boundary lines gives the soft shading an extra boost.  (Photo: Jason Butcher)

This floral skull.

Floral skull by Dino Nemec

This tattoo was featured before on one of our other lists but it was just too amazing so we thought we would bring it back for this list. (Photo: Dino Nemec)

This back piece.

Skull on back by Victor Portugal

Polish artist Victor Portugal always puts together the most detail driven tattoos. This large back piece is no exception. (Photo: Victor Portugal)

This botanical skull on thigh.

Botanical skull tattoo on thigh by Sasha Masiuk

You could scour the dictionary for an entire lifetime and still be unable to find a word that accurately describes just how beautiful this tattoo is. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)