28 Sprawling Linework Tattoos by Chaim Machlev

Get ready for shapes, lines, and a whole lot of skin.

Linework Tattoo Designs by Chaim Machlev

35-year-old tattoo artist Chaim Machlev started tattooing just 4 years ago. In what can only be described as a calling, Chaim left his life in Tel Aviv for Berlin to satisfy his yearning to create art with a needle and ink. A few short years later, his designs have become works of art; enjoyed by millions and suitable for any museum of modern art.

Chaim’s work includes a variety of different styles, but his geometric linework creations are what he’s known for best. But what’s truly unique about his style is the free-flowing designs that are rarely confined to one body part or another. Some designs span the entire length of the subject’s body, giving the work a completeness that almost transcends body art as we know it.

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“For me art is all about sharing and creating new stimulations to people’s senses.”

Linework Jellyfish by Chaim Machlev

Geometric Full Back Piece by Chaim Machlev

“Our body is not symmetric and to put a symmetric design on a non-symmetric object can end up looking like a placing a sticker.”

LInework Tattoo on Back by Chaim Machlev

Ribbons on Leg by Chaim Machlev

I understood pretty quickly that there is no other way to learn tattooing then to truly dedicate yourself to it. Like any dream you just have to fight for it, if not fighting for your dreams then what will you fight for?”

by Chaim Machlev

Geometric Linework Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

Frontal Piece by Chaim Machlev

Full Leg Piece by Chaim Machlev