70 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Maximum impact with minimum commitment.

These birds.

Birds by Laeviv

(Photo: Laeviv)


NY tattoo by Wittybutton

(Photo: Witty Button)

This spaceman.

Spaceman by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This compass.

Compass by CH

(Photo: CH)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower by Vivo

(Photo: Vivo)

This arrow.

by Tattooist River

(Photo: River)

Peter Pan.

Peter Pan by Playground

(Photo: Playground)


Lettering by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This lotus flower.

Lotus flower by Chaehwa

(Photo: Chaehwa)

This bracelet.

Bracelet by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)