65 Dreamy Ink Styles That Are Just WOW

Mind = blown.

The world is your oyster.

'The world is your oyster.' by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This sunset.

Sunset by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

These watercolor cherry blossoms.

Watercolor cherry blossoms by Simona Blanar

(Photo: Simona Blanar)

These sister tats.

Watercolor sister tattoos by Simona Blanar

(Photo: Simona Blanar)

These dotwork hot air balloons.

Dotwork hot air balloons by Aaron Is

(Photo: Aaron Is)

This segmented heart.

Segmented heart by Pawel Indulski

(Photo: Pawel Indulski)


by Victor Zabuga

(Photo: Victor Zabuga)

An apple a day..

An apple a day by Wolf & Wren

(Photo: Wolf & Wren)


Lucky by Victor Zabuga

(Photo: Victor Zabuga)

This rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster by River

(Photo: River)