60 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Men with Creative Minds

Creativity is vital.

60 Inspiring Tattoo Ideas for Men with Creative Minds | TattooBlend

On any given day, there is an infinite number of tattoos being inked around the world. Maybe a snake, some sort of geometric pattern, or a pair of hands praying. How these designs came to differ in every instance but it’s safe to say that the design was influenced by something, perhaps a sketch, or maybe even another tattoo that the individual saw at a previous time.

Which is why it’s so important to get as much creative exposure as possible before you make your final design choice. Now if you have an internet connection and at least one good eye, settling on a single design should be a herculean task—which is probably why most people find themselves unable to stop at just one tattoo.

In the never-ending, one-sided battle between a brain full of must-have tattoo designs and a canvas with limited space, the end result is usually a compromise. But that’s part of the fun. The design process is always the most exciting, and least painful stage of the tattoo process. The below gallery contains 60 photos of flawlessly executed and uber-creative tattoo designs on men. We hope this article helps you get the creative juices flowing.

This tricep tat.

by Maks

(Photo: Maks)

This mesmerizing pattern.

Mesmerizing pattern by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

Morning, noon, and…

Morning, noon, and....by Ewa Sroka

(Photo: Ewa Sroka)

What are the hottest tattoo designs for men right now? That would depend upon who you asked. And while watercolor and sketch style designs always get a lot of attention, many of the top artists are producing a boatload of single needle designs. Even artists that don’t usually dabble in the style are starting to experiment. This, by itself, is a tell-tale sign of what’s popular and currently in demand. But the beauty and intricacy of the single needle technique has been met with the same amount of skepticism that is often associated with watercolor designs. As tattoos age, they blur. Their edges get a little softer and what was once in stunning focus becomes a little fuzzier. Because these styles are relatively new to the scene and rely on the integrity of their razor-thin edges, we can’t be certain how they will hold up over time.

This sprawling leg piece.

Black and grey ink leg piece by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)

This Step Brothers tattoo.

Step Brothers tattoo by Mike DeVries

(Photo: Mike DeVries)

This compass.

Compass on forearm by Turan Art

(Photo: Turan Art)

This hamsa hand.

Hamsa hand tattoo by Jean Alvarez

(Photo: Jean Alvarez)

This tree.

Tree tattoo by Jean Alvarez

(Photo: Jean Alvarez)

As you’ll soon notice, there are no tribal tattoos on the list. There was a time when 50 percent of all tattoos inked on men were of the tribal nature it seemed. But in recent history, tribal tattoos have become scarce. Whether they have gone out of style, or are just too common for the likes of Instagram and Pinterest we’ll never know.

This stunning sleeve.

Blackwork sleeve by Darkside

(Photo: Darkside)

This cosmic design.

Cosmic tattoo design by Tayfun Bezgin

(Photo: Tayfun Bezgin)