60 Incredibly Tasteful Tiny Tattoo Designs

Flowers! Fruit! Dolphins! Who needs big ink!

This black and grey ink feather.

Black and grey ink feather tattoo on wrist by Shpadyreva Julia

(Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

These falling maple seeds.

Falling maple seeds by Shpadyreva Julia

(Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

This tribal plane.

Tribal plane tattoo by Taiga Tribal

(Photo: Taiga Tribal)

These must-have finger tats.

Palm tree and whale tail finger tattoos by Marabou

(Photo: Marabou)

This rose design on thigh.

Rose design on thigh by Mojo

(Photo: Mojo)

This watercolor smudge.

Watercolor smudge tattoo by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This golden state.

State of California tattoo on ankle by Masa

(Photo: Masa)

This floral wrist work.

Elegant floral wrist tattoo by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This dotwork lime wedge.

Dotwork lime wedge by Brandon

(Photo: Brandon)

This colorful bridge.

Colorful bridge tattoo by Seyoon Gim

(Photo: Seyoon Gim)