59 Breathtaking Little Mermaid Inspired Tattoos



This isn’t a Little Mermaid tattoo but it IS a mermaid tattoo. Notice the earring, if only the hair was red she would be a real life Ariel.

Ursula’s tentacles


The best Little Mermaid tattoo out there. The bold colors are only accented by Ursula’s evil green glow.

This villainous posse


A whole gaggle of Disney villains. I’m starting to notice a trend here. I guess Disney likes to dress all the bad guys in purple.

This red-haired beauty


Pin up style.



Wow. Someone fell out of the beauty tree and hit every branch on the way down. Those green eyes, that red hair, if only I was a storybook character…

This two-tone tattoo of Ariel holding a conch shell


“Flounder, are you there?”

This black and white belly tattoo


This photo makes me wanna eat a Thanksgiving dinner.

This large back shoulder piece

large-ariel-back tattoo

I’ve always wondered what kind of magic keeps those seashells on.

These amazing sleeves


SPOILER ALERT! There’s so much stuff going on here that you might not even have to see the film. The majority of The Little Mermaid tattoos are of Ariel. We see a few tattoos of Ursula, maybe one or two of Flounder, but this is the first time we’ve seen Ariel’s father; the mighty sea king.

Sebastian: The lobster from The Little Mermaid


This tattoo just makes me hungry.