55 Incredibly Amazing Tattoos for Women

Don't visit your tattooist without reading this first.


Paradise tattoo by Lauren Winzer

(Photo: Lauren Winzer)

This single cherry blossom.

Single cherry blossom tattoo on hand by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This watercolor wanderlust tattoo.

Watercolor wanderlust tattoo by Marcella Alves

(Photo: Marcella Alves)

This dreamscape.

Dreamscape tattoo by Jemka

(Photo: Jemka)

This mandala sun tattoo.

Mandala sun tattoo by Nadya Natassya

(Photo: Nadya Natassya)

These negative space florals.

Negative space florals by Elizabeth Markov

(Photo: Elizabeth Markov)

This lovely back arm tattoo.

Lovely back arm tattoo by Luiza Oliveira

(Photo: Luiza Oliveira)

This stunning dotwork mandala design.

Stunning dotwork mandala design by Sarah Herzdame

(Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

This vibrant cactus and succulent piece.

Vibrant cactus and succulent piece by Kaitlin Dutoit

(Photo: Kaitlin Dutoit)

This super cool rose.

Super cool rose tattoo on forearm by Bryan Gutierrez

(Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)